Women's Ministries International (WMI) takes encouragement, hope and training to women around the world.  Women's conferences have been provided in 20 countries since the Fall of 2007.  Complimentary medical clinics and medicines are supplied to those in need on many of these trips.  Our current president, LaWanda Bullock, has traveled and participated in eighteen of these missions.  Beyond this, WMI raises thousands of dollars annually for women's causes including but no limited to: primary, secondary and college education scholarships, women's literacy classes, teacher training, widows training support, cottage industries, sewing classes and equipment, land rental funds, seeds and tools for farming, goats for milk and meat, micro enterprises, Bibles, study materials, retreats, medical intervention, scholarships, school supplies, evangelists support, pastors wives training, retreats and many more projects in various countries.
WMI is also privileged to partner with the following organizations:
1) Micro enterprises of several individual Christian women in the Philippines who support their families by making and selling jewelry
2) The Olive Branch, Nairobi: John and Dorcus Parit teaches business principles and assists women setting up businesses and selling their products to support their families
3) Eunice, a Christian HIV survivor in Nairobi, crafts jewelry and other items which she sales to provide a family income.  She invests in the local women by teaching widows to make many items and employing them so they too can provide income for their families
4) Set Free and Kevin Austin: Ginger Coakley, the voice of WMI in raising awareness and funds for abolishing human slavery and creating new futures for those caught in this devastating trap. WMI also assists in raising funds for Ginger's support; www.setfreemovement.org; www.fmwmi.com
5) SEED (Sustainable Empowerment through Economic Development), an international micro-enterprise and livelihood initiative; providing some funding for micro enterprises. www.seedlivelihood.org
6) The Samaritan Village, Orlando FL, is a Christ-centered program that houses women transitioning from chemical dependency and sexual exploitation and supports their healing, wholeness and productivity in society, www.samaritanvillage.net
7) Sister Connection, Joy Buchonyori, providing support for invisible widows in Africa; www.sisterconnection.org
8) Aletha Hinthorn, Come To The Fire Women's Conference, promoting holiness and pure living, among Christian women, www.cometothefire.org
9) Brenda Young, Clear Blue Water Project provides wells around the world; a basic essential for tens of thousands of people in 11 nations, www.clearblueproject.com
10) Mens Ministries International, assisting in raising support for indigenous missionaries, most of whom are women
11) Free Methodist World Missions, printing a missionary prayer directory