Alma Jasinski

Executive President
I see all through Scripture that God has empowered women to do ministry. That is very encouraging! Coming from a background where women were not ordained if married, I understand the struggles and the need of education and affirmation of women.
Also I have a history of working with marginalized people, at the border cross between Mexico and United States I had the ministry opportunity to give a helping hand and share the good news of salvation over and over on a daily basis and see the transformation that happens when Jesus come into lives and make things new.

I believe in the power of prayer and the provision from God. I have dedicated my life to ministry since I was 15 years old and went on my first missionary trip to a village in Mexico. My heart was moved to action when I saw the spiritual and material needs. I made a decision to be an advocate for the people in need.

I have witnessed for years the work of WMI and seen the fruits of hard sacrificial work from our women. I believe that the love of God is transforming and healing and that once is set in our hearts the transformation occurs. Women and children as well as men need the message of hope that will set them free to be whole, to be witnesses, and to reach out to others with Christ message.

I understand that there are many ways that I can continue serving the Lord, but I am thankful that the Lord has open the door to serve him through WMI. I look forward to the things we can see accomplished with God’s Spirit guidance.




Brownie Kocher

West Coast

Brownie Kocher is a retired Special Education teacher. She is married to Free Methodist pastor, Ron, and they pastor in Auburn, Washington at New Day Christian Fellowship.  

She currently volunteers at the Auburn food bank, helps to teach English to incoming refugees from around the world with World Relief, and teaches piano. At New Day Christian Fellowship, she coordinates the committee which oversees their missions program, both local and international, and is also on their worship team.

Brownie went with LaWanda on a WMI trip to Nairobi and Kericho, Kenya, Africa in 2013, where they shared speaking responsibilities in the women’s conference.

She loves the Lord with all her heart and is passionate about His work.



denise abston


There have been women's ministries groups or women's prayer meetings in several of Denise's churches. Denise taught a Women's Bible Study in a church in Edmond for over a year and it was there that she had two women in her study who suffered from mental illness. One of them suffered from grief so terribly that it paralyzed her. She was invited to the Bible Study just to get out of the house. This eventually led to her becoming a part of the church community. At this time, she and her husband attend the church.

Denise is involved in numerous ways with women who suffer from mental illness and has seen miraculous healing by the Lord. She is not altogether certain where the Lord is leading her in this way, but she knows that He is. Her journey is only in the beginning stages. 




joyce thompson

Joyce Thompson became a Christian in the sixth grade at CYC camp, with many opportunities for growth since. She married in 1968 to her "soldier boy" who had graduated from Spring Arbor College before being drafted. They had two girls, adopted a seven-year-old boy and then had another girl.

They are very blessed that all four of their children are serving the Lord and raising Joyce’s 11 grandchildren to love the Lord.  Their oldest son, Michael, lives in Arizona and was married in March to Kelli. 

Their second oldest is Wendy Lorenz, married to Glenn Lorenz (Gay's son); they are both ordained in the FM church. They both serve in McPherson Kansas, Glenn at the College and Wendy as the Children's pastor at the FM church. 

Their next daughter, Janette Miller, is married to Joel. They are both Family Practice doctors serving in Burundi at Hope Africa University. 
Their youngest daughter is Tari, married to Scott Faris. They are both ordained in the FM church and live in Phoenix where Scott is a Hospice Chaplain and Tari is actively writing a Christian novel.

Joyce retired from nursing in 2000, after being a pacemaker nurse specialist with a cardiology group.  Prior to that she worked in a hospital cardiac unit. 

Joyce served as president of the Spring Arbor WMI for 5 years, resigned in June of 2014 and is now a member of the Spring Arbor WMI Executive Committee. She went on her first mission trip her senior year in high school to Tampa, Florida to work at a Spanish church. She has been on a total of 20 mission trips, including a short-term trip for four months to Peru in 2000/2001.  She and her husband went to Hungary, in April, 2015.

Joyce’s mother, Ellen Kingsley, served as Southern Michigan WMI president and was very involved with Women’s Ministries.




susy fajardo

European Regional Representative
Susy Fajardo is a Free Methodist missionary serving in Madrid, Spain. She was born to Pastor Gonzelez and Sarah Cruz in the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States to attend Greenville College, Illinois, from where she graduated. She and her husband, Josh, and daughters, Gabriela, 20, and Isabella, 18, lived in Florida until they moved to Madrid in 2005.  This year they celebrate 27 years of marriage and 10 years of being in Spain. They serve today in a church they planted in Madrid. 

Susy is helping develop national leaders and currently is part of the Leadership team at the Rivas Free Methodist Church, one of four Free Methodist congregations she and Josh have planted in Spain.  She is responsible for Christian education ministry and teaches adult Sunday school. She also provides leadership with the women’s ministry at the local and national level. Her main role as a missionary is in the area of church plant support and Christian education. She is also involved in the development of a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that focuses on children and compassion ministries in Rivas-vaciamadrid.

Susy hopes to broaden her own perspective by understanding how to best serve on the board and is excited to serve as a liaison between the church in Europe and WMI, a ministry that has served women for over a century.  She desires to be a blessing to the WMI executive board and provide insight into Spain and the rest of Europe.




Josie Castillo

Philippine/Asia Representative




Robin Sostak

It is an honor to serve on the WMI Executive Board.  I humbly pray that God will use me, my experience, and giftedness to contribute to the mission of WMI throughout the world.  

My husband and I were appointed two years ago as co-pastors of the Vine and Branch FMC in Liberty, NY.  Yet our tenure in that church dates back to 1986, where we have grown in our love and service for the Lord.  My giftedness and passion has always revolved around teaching and discipling others to love the Word of God, and grow so their lives reflect His love.  I am a retired public school teacher, retiring last June to serve full time at church, after 28 years of teaching.  I have been blessed to serve in various leadership capacities in both church and school over these years.  I look forward to this next adventure to see where our Lord will lead.




debra hancock

Debra lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.  When she was a child her parents were not Christians, although her dad took the kids to Sunday school every week.  Her parents accepted Christ as their Savior when she was a young teenager.  Ever since then her life has been involved in working in the church.  Her mother sees a job that needs done, and she immediately gets to work to get it accomplished.  Debra has inherited this trait from her.

She met her husband at Ozark Bible Institute in Neosho, Missouri. They have been in the Free Methodist Church for eight years. Her husband is an ordained elder.  They have three children and three beautiful granddaughters.  Her husband has pastored churches in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois and Indiana.  He has held credentials in the Assemblies of God, Nazarene and Free Methodist churches.

Debra recently earned a Master’s Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in accounting.  It was always her dream to finish her college degree.  This dream was difficult to accomplish because of moving to different areas of the country and raising children.  She decided when her three kids were on their own she would go back to school.  In 2001 her youngest daughter was killed in a car accident.  Her middle child dealt with her grief by getting involved in drugs.  She had a two year old daughter, so she took care of her granddaughter instead of going to school.  Ten years ago her daughter decided to get her life back in order.  She wanted to go to college and make something of her life.  She asked if Debra would go to school with her.  So for seven years they attended Indiana Wesleyan and earned their Master’s degrees together.  This year she gave her life back to God. Debra cannot express how thankful she is  that God does not give up on us.

Debra has worked in the accounting profession for thirty years. She currently works in the finance department at the World Ministries Center in Indianapolis. She has worked in accounts receivable for almost six years.  In November, 2014 the treasurer for Women’s Ministries International resigned and she accepted those responsibilities. She has had much to learn because she had not attended a Free Methodist Church that had an active women’s group.  She knew of the special projects by working at the World Ministries Center, but did not know all the great work the organization does.

It has been a privilege for Debra to work beside the board for the last few months and realize how God is using the women in the Free Methodist Church. She is praying that funds will continue pouring into this organization so women can continue their work for the gospel of Christ.




kerri storey

Office Manager

Kerri came to WMI in August of 2015.  Kerri has worked in administrative support in the church and local school system for over 15 years.  She currently serves part-time as the WMI Office Manager in the Free Methodist World Ministries Center.  Kerri designs the website, enewsletters, takes care of office needs, and supports the President as necessary.  

She resides in Indianapolis with her husband, Stan and 2 boys, Elliott & Elijah.

317.244.3660 ext. 306