Ready to organize you own group of WMI shareholders?  Great!  All you need are women!  We have put together a list of resources to guide you as you get started.  Remember that ANY group of women, doing ANY ministry for others can fit into Women's Ministries International. 

We want you to put your own local spin on reaching the needs of not just women in your community but all people, everywhere.  And we want to know about it:

  • What works for your group?

  • What have you succeeded with?

  • Got a fun idea?  Share it!

  • Got a catchy name for your group?  We might want to borrow it!

Do you have a ministry group that includes both women AND men?  Bring it on!  

WMI Organizational Handbook
Handbook in Spanish

This Handbook is a flexible guide; use it in conjunction with your own creativity and the needs of your group.  Our prayer is that it will be a tool to assist you in reaching and developing the personal gifts of women in your church and neighborhood.

Our intention is to support you in making WMI as new and as fresh as God’s direction and leadership is to each of us.  Please feel free to email or call any of the General Officers with questions or information; we are available to you.

WMI Program Books


This is a working tool. Books full of fun ideas for your group; If you want to use them!  Remember, as you read the ideas, modify them to fit your church and your group of women.  No one is expected to do exactly everything as it is written. As you read, make notes of ideas that pop into your mind and make it work for YOU!

2017 Special Projects
Our missionaries nominate projects every year that will benefit women in their areas of the world, and every year the Lord uses American women to meet those needs and bless lives.  The nominated projects are approved by the Executive Board before being published.  All gifts are tax deductible and the women you sponsor deeply appreciate the financial assistance; please pray faithfully for each one.  Should there be more than enough money given for a specific project, the over-flow will go toward projects not yet funded.

Thank you for being Jesus to women who might otherwise be forgotten.