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1.  India Literacy Project, Goal: $2464 
Other Funding:  None
This project is to initiate an Adult Literacy program in the state of Assam in North East India.  Adult literacy skills will be taught to the women of the Santal tribe where only about 10% of Santal women are literate.  It is projected that at the end of the project at least 1000 women will be able to read their Bibles.  Approximately 20 literacy centers will be initiated and classes will be held two hours a day, 5 days a week.

2.  Mweya Bible School, Goal: $3102
Other Funding:  None
The Institute of Evangelical Theology of Mweya (Mweya Bible School in English) is a Free Methodist school at the secondary level.  The school provides general knowledge in sciences, languages, Bible and theology training. In the coming year, they are expecting about 70 students.  However the school faces some financial challenges.  Students who come to Mweya Bible School are sent by their church districts and pay a minimal fee each trimester, but this does not meet the needs of running the school and paying teachers.  There are three dedicated women on staff who serve in many ways without compensation.  Acquiline serves as Resident Dean, provides Godly counsel, deals with discipline and assists in the offices.  Venice is the Bible School Treasurer and oversees purchase, safekeeping and dispersing food for meal preparation.   She also coordinates projects of planting, maintain gardens and harvesting.  Edith is a full time teacher in French, Swahili and Kirundi.  She also is called upon to preach the Word in chapel services as well. Funds raised for this project will go towards salaries for all three of these dedicated women.

3.  Scholarship for Martha, Philippines, Goal $2800
Other Funding:  None
We are raising funds to cover the costs for a promising young woman from Myanmar, Martha, to attend seminary beginning September of 2018 at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary.  Martha grew up in one of our ICCM schools and found Jesus.  She graduated from Light and Life Bible College in Yangoon in February 2017 and hopes to attend seminary in Manila, Philippines in September 2018.

Pictured:  Maribel, Keziah, Margie, Eden
4. Bible College Scholarships, Butuan City Philippines, Goal $1882
Other Funding:  None
Four women hope to continue their studies at Light and Life Bible School.  They are dedicated and committed to serving the Lord.

Maribel is one of the four women who has received WMI support wince 2016.  She will continue to be a recipient of the WMI scholarship next school year, 2018.  She is now in her sophomore year.

Keziah is from Cagayan de Oro City.  Her father had a stroke last year and now cannot walk.  Keziah managed to continue to study while working as domestic help in one of the Pastor’s homes in Butuan City for daily sustenance since her family is unable now to support her study.  She graduates in 2019.
Margie is from the Manobo tribe in the upper side of Agusan del Sur.  She is one of the oldest women we have.  Her mother is an old woman and separated from her husband.  Margie received minimal support from her older siblings who work in Manila.  She will be graduating in 2019.

Eden is a convert and a product of the Street Ministry in Butuan City in the early years of that ministry.  She was one of the children who benefited from the children’s ministry conducted by the Bible College students.  They live near the garbage dumpsite.  Her father is deaf and mute and survives through garbage scavenging and recycling.  Her mother died when she was a child.  Today, Eden is one of the workers in our street ministry while in the Bible College.  She is a sophomore.

5. Immanuel University Scholarships, India, Goal $3360
Other Funding:  Friends of Immanuel Donors, ICCM, and Private Donors
This project provides partial scholarships for five women to attend higher-level education at Immanuel University in Hyderabad.  These qualified women are from tribal areas of the Dalit caste and cannot afford this level of education.  (Pictures of all five women and a bio for a couple of them are available if needed for promotion. Contact the WMI office, 1-800-342-5531)

6.  Education for Young Leaders, Haiti, Goal $3360
Other Funding:  None
Scholarship funds are needed for four young women to attend Haiti Providence University.  All of these ladies exhibit God-given talents, leadership skills and a deep love for his Kingdom.  (Eunice, Giorvanie, Kestiamine, and Maudeline)

7. Education Scholarships, Creative Access Country, Goal $2240
Other Funding: None
Disadvantaged young women following Christ will have college tuition or learning opportunities supplemented for a year.  Learning English opens doors that position these young women for success economically, socially, and spiritually.  A local pastor or leader will help with selection of the young women, and ensure that accountability measures are in place.

8. John Wesley Scholarships, Spain, Goal $3360
Other Funding:  None
Education/Training for a local Ministerial Candidate, receiving her education at the John Wesley Bible Institute in Spain. (Marta Palmes)

9. Scholarships through Seminario Biblico de Colombia, Goal $2000
Other Funding:  Some funds have been allocated from other sources for an Extra Mile Project for Pastoral Formation in Latin America.  This project would add funds to that for scholarships specifically for women preparing for ministry.

Throughout Latin America there are many people being called to ministry—including young women.  We are developing multiple means of providing education and training and to fulfill the requirements of ordination including a virtual program available throughout Latin America through the Seminario Biblico de Colombia.  This project would specifically provide scholarship funds for women preparing for ministry through these means.


10Investing in Ministry, Nepal, Goal $2800
Other Funding:  None
Maya is the spouse of our Country Director in Nepal.  The FMC is growing, and many times Maya remains home for lack of funding while Abraham travels to oversee the work.  Some of these funds will support Maya when she can travel with Abraham, and the rest of the funds will help upgrade and maintain the sewing/tailoring ministry that she oversees in her home to help with their livelihood.

11.  Investing in Pastor Da, Thailand, Goal $2240
Other Funding:  None
Pastor Da is currently the only female FMC pastor in Thailand.  She receives a very small stipend each month for living expenses.  The money will help her upgrade her home with some basic necessities, and also provide for discipleship materials for the more than 30 children that come to her home weekly.

12.  Mia Tribe Project, Greece, Goal $2240
Other Funding:  None
Mia Tribe is a Greek Social Cooperative Enterprise (SCE) which services vulnerable people who are recognized as victims of domestic violence, victims of human trafficking, asylum seekers, economic migrants, single moms, those living under the line of poverty, and long-term unemployed individuals over the age of fifth.  The purpose of the Coop is the advocacy and empowerment of vulnerable women, who are defined as those who are in a disadvantageous position towards feasible integration into the labor market due to economic, social, and cultural causes.  Mia Tribe’s members handcraft unique jewelry pieces which are designed in-house.   The workshop’s programs provide members with training in skills such as jewelry-making, sewing, as well as valuable exposure to manufacturing and business concepts such as quality assurance, productivity, efficiency and teamwork.

13. Food and Care for Elderly, India, Goal $2240
Other Funding:  None
Many poor, elderly women are cared by one of our pastors in Central India.  Most are forgotten by their families have noone else to care for them. To date, this project has not been able to be funded yet the pastor there continues to provide food and medicine and the gospel to these individuals.  For a small amount, this “day home” provides one meal each day, some medicines and spiritual encouragement to many older women who have not where else to turn.

14. Leadership and Development, Jordan, Goal $3360
Other Funding:  FM World Missions
Enas is a woman working under our Free Methodist Leader in Jordan.  This is the only church in Jordan working with Palestinian refugees and she has a ministry with Palestinian women. (Pictures available, contact WMI office, 1-800-342-5531)

15. Two Sewing Training Centers, Democratic Republic of Congo, Goal $3248
Other Funding:  None
The continued aim of this project is to empower women with skills in sewing as a means to fight against poverty and marginalization.  This project targets single-mothers’ girls who are rejected by the society.  One of the ugliest faces of the DRC wars is sexual assaults and rape perpetrated against women.  Many have been infected by HIV and impregnated.  Those women are often humiliated and rejected in the community.  In order to give them back their dignity this sewing training center is a place for them to affirm their humanness and acquire skills.

16. Women’s Empowerment Program, Kenya, Goal $3360
Other Funding:  Some form SEED to assist with travel for training expenses and some from Empowering Lives International who help provide training at a reduced cost to the participants.
This project has grown to include aspects of Education, Discipleship and Social Justice/Compassionate Ministries.  The Tumaini Women Kenya (TWK) is a women’s NGO under the FMC Kenya.  They help provide seminars and training for local women leaders, pastor’s wives and other group members on topics ranging from leadership development, conflict resolution, skills training, etc.  They work with the National Women’s group to provide opportunities for discipleship materials and training.  One of the other pillars of TWK is to assist women in becoming financially stable in order to better provide for their families through various business program development and loans.



17.  Myanmar Women’s Conference, Goal $1680
Other Funding:  None
Women in Myanmar have had only one or two opportunities to participate in a woman’s conference in the last 23 years due to the extreme poverty and difficulties of transportation to a conference site.  Money raised for a three day conference would help in financing travel and to help pay for other conference expenses.

18. Ministry to Young Women, Egypt, Goal $1680
Other Funding: None
A continuing work happens in Egypt as a ministry to young women.  Women leaders travel frequently into this area to hold “leadership groups”.  Many of these women come to know and follow the Lord then these groups then become house churches.

19. Ministry Program, Iraq, Goal $2800
Other Funding:  FM World Missions
An amazing woman leads this ministry to women in the refugee camp across from the church. She is able to bring many to Christ then offer training so they become house church leaders.

20. Women’s Conference, Uganda, Goal $1108
Other Funding:  None
Funds for this project will be used to supplement the contributions from the Ugandan women to cover the expenses of their annual retreat.  Giving toward this conference helps provide an opportunity for hard-working women to come together, unite and strengthen one another through mutual encouragement, discipleship, fellowship and prayer. (Pictures from this year’s conference will be coming)

21. Training for Pastor’s Wives, Malawi, Goal $3360
Other Funding:  None
Many Free Methodist pastors’ wives in Malawi do not read or write in their own language, however, many expectations are placed on them in their churches.  The Great Commission Bible School in Lilongwe has annual training available.  Funds are needed to cover transportation and food for approximately 85 women.  This gives them time to meet for encouragement fellowship and training in the areas of literacy instruction, inductive Bible study methods, children’s ministry, health/hygiene, HIV/AIDS, agricultural methods, and life skills/trades like sewing.

22. Discipling Women, Transportation costs, Kenya, Goal $750
Other Funding:  The local women’s groups contribute towards hosting the national leaders travel costs including accommodations/food, etc, when they can but their resources are extremely limited.  
Kenya is slightly more than twice the size of Nevada and the National Women’s leaders have a mandate to travel and regularly meet with women’s groups throughout the country.  Public transportation is costly.  These funds would assist the leaders in their efforts to meet with women from the districts and local churches, bringing encourage and training regarding issues they face.

23. Women in Ministry, Cambodia, Goal $2240
Other Funding:  FMWM—Asia, as funds available
Several women are a part of this leadership team in the Cambodian Free Methodist Church.  Much needed funds will cover travel, food and transportation to the local villages as well as some ministry expenses for these sacrificial disciples.

24. Scholarship Funds for Spouses for the Latin Leaders Summit, Goal $3000
Other Funding:  None
This project continues for a second year to provide funding for the wives of the district leaders and superintendents in the Latin Leader’s Summit.  Wives are full partners in ministry and also benefit from the training in strategizing and evangelism.


Funds needed for possible WMI Leadership Conferences; Goal: $3,000 each
Invest in WMI as we invest in women around the world.
Goal: $1,000 a month