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1)  Education Scholarships, Creative Access Country
Goal:  $2688

Disadvantaged young women following Christ will have about $800 college tuition supplemented for a year. Learning English opens doors that position these young women for success economically, socially, and spiritually. A local pastor or leader will help with selection of the young women, and ensure that accountability measures are in place.

2)  Education Scholarships, Nepal
Goal:  $3500

A growing number of women interested in ministry find new hope with the opportunity for education, attending conferences and on-the-job ministry training with the Free Methodist Church in Nepal. This fund will support their efforts.

3)  Scholarships through Seminario Biblico De Colombia
Goal:  $2000
This project funds a virtual program to assist many young women called into ministry who cannot afford to pay the tuition at the Bible Institute. They receive education and training to fulfill requirements for ordination. This includes a virtual program available throughout Latin America through the Seminario Biblico de Colombia. This project would specifically provide scholarship funds for women preparing for ministry.

4)  Bible College Scholarships, Butuan City, Philippines
Goal:  $1700

Four young women hope to continue their studies at Light and Life Bible School. They are dedicated and committed to serving the Lord.  Each of the following young women is hoping to continue their studies at Light and Life Bible School. 

Sheryl is a 20-year-old Manobo student from Bataan. She has recently been on her internship assignment at the Free Methodist Church in Butuan City where she taught preschool and at the same time helped in the rescue, care and mentoring of the street and homeless children that are housed there.

Jenny is a widow, but is currently enrolled in a modular class. She is in ministry with her local church where she is assigned as a Lay Pastor.

conducted a Vacation Bible School in three locations where a number of children were enrolled. She also pastors a small church.

is now in her fourth year at the college. She is involved in church ministries at the Butuan City Church and is finishing up the remaining courses that she needs before entering into her internship.

5)  Immanuel University Scholarships, India
Goal:  $3360

This project provides partial scholarships for six women to attend higher-level education at Immanuel University in Hyderabad, India. These qualified women are from tribal areas or the Dalit caste and cannot afford this level of education. This University seeks to fulfill the educational hopes of downtrodden, marginalized communities. It strives to impart technical and professional education to students belonging to weaker and minority segments of the Indian society.  Student pictures do not appear for their safety.

6)  Education for Young Leaders, Haiti
Goal:  $3360
Scholarship funds are needed for four young women to attend Haiti Providence University. All of these ladies exhibit God-given talents, leadership skills and a deep love for His Kingdom. Your generous giving helps to pay room and board and part of their tuition. (4 ladies at $1500 each)
Eunice Day, Georvanie Derival, Cenelier Modeline, Kestiamine Gilot

7)   John Wesley Partial Education Scholarships, Spain
Goal:  $3360

Funds are needed for continued education for Luz, a mother, a grandmother and a life group leader with great potential! Marta, also a mother, is active in reaching and discipling others due to a strong call to ministry. Financial assistance means these women will be able to continue their ministerial education.



8)  Women in Ministry, Cambodia
Goal:  $3360

Several women are a part of this leadership team in the Cambodian Free Methodist Church. Much needed funds will cover travel, food and transportation to the local villages as well as some ministry expenses for these sacrificial disciples.

9)  Women’s Ministry Program, Iraq
Goal:  $2240
A new church is located directly across from a refugee camp. Funding would allow the ladies to continue to minister to over 50 women of both Christian and dominate area faith backgrounds in their Bible Study program. They are seeing new converts and effective training. The church also has special events and social activities for the women.

10)  Ministry to Young Women, Egypt
Goal:  $1120

Funding provides two women leaders the ability to travel into a new area for “leadership groups."  These groups frequently become house churches.

11)  Scholarship Funds for Spouses for the Latin Leaders Summit
Goal:  $3000  
This project provides funding to include the wives of the district leaders and superintendents in the Latin Leaders Summit. It is vitally important to bring the mission district leaders and provisional conference superintendents together periodically for training and strategizing. Several in this cohort are women. In each case, the wife of a male mission district leader is a full partner in ministry—several of them are ordained pastors as well. This project would provide funding to include the wives of the district leaders and superintendents in the next Latin Leaders Summit.

12)  Planting Churches, Panama
Goal:  $2000

Victoria, recently relocated to Panama and has already started a small group in her home. She is trained in Community Church Planting and has the potential to start a church planting movement. This project is truly a pioneering venture. Because of the political and economic chaos in some Latin American countries, many people are emigrating to other Latin American countries, including leaders from our churches. Victoria has been one of the key young leaders in the church in Maturin, the largest Spanish speaking Free Methodist church. She has recently relocated to Panama and has already started a small group in her home.  The Free Methodist Church in Panama was closed several years ago. This special project would provide seed money for this new church planting start.

13)  Women’s Conference, Uganda
Goal:  $700


Give toward these conferences and help provide an opportunity for hard working women to come together, unite and strengthen one another through mutual encouragement, discipleship, fellowship and prayer. Life for women in Africa (Uganda) is very demanding. Often the women work harder than the men, farming, preparing food, caring for the children, carrying water for the family. The women leaders of the FMC in Uganda, recognize that women face many challenges and need to be encouraged on a regular basis. One way they hope to do that is by providing an annual retreat/conference for women. There is an African proverb that says, “ Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable”.  In other words, there is strength in numbers! 

14)  Training for Pastor’s Wives, Malawi
Goal:  $3360
85 pastor’s wives meet for training in literacy, Bible study methods, children’s ministry, health/hygiene, HIV/AIDS, agricultural methods, life skills and trades. Many Free Methodist pastors’ wives in Malawi do not read or write in their own language; however, many expectations are placed on them in their churches. The Great Commission Bible School in Lilongwe has annual training available. Your funds make these meetings possible.

15)  Pastoral Teaching from Latin America to Spain
Goal:  $1120

This project makes it possible for Pastora Carmen to go from Latin America to Spain to teach and cast vision for Community Church Planting with her husband. She is an ordained elder and senior pastor of a large, growing church that has a network of house churches. She and her husband, a conference superintendent, are a strong team. The Area Director for southern Europe, invited Dan and Carmen to go to Spain to teach and cast vision for Community Church Planting. Their Latin American conference is the best model of Community Church Planting. They both have a fruitful track record and are passionate and articulate presenters.

16)  Outreach, Myanmar 
Goal:  $1380
This pastor, Director of Women’s Ministries and mother of three needs help to travel to WMI groups a good distance away, bringing encouragement and hope in their efforts. Although she has been doing this ministry for around ten years, her salary is only about $12 per month. Churches in other denominations are usually able to support their women’s workers the equivalent of $150-$200. She has been asked to meet regularly with the ladies at two Free Methodist churches as well as other churches several times a year. This has proven to be a challenge due to transportation costs and the distance between villages. Supporting this mother of three would enable her to help support her family, but also have enough money to make the requested visits. She would be able to bring them news of the other WMI groups and also bring encouragement in their own efforts.

17)  Two Sewing Training Centers, Democratic Republic of Congo
Goal:  $3248

Empower women with sewing skills as a means to fight against poverty and marginalization. Single-mothers and their daughters rejected by society and discriminated against in schools will receive dignity and worth. Sewing is a very popular business in the DRC and women enjoy this activity because it helps vulnerable women improve their lives. This project will target single-mothers and their daughters who are rejected by the society. Some of them are still young, but they are discriminated in schools and even in the church. One of the most ugly faces of the war in the DRC is sexual assaults and rape perpetrated against women. In this process, many have been infected by HIV and impregnated. These women are often humiliated and rejected in the community. This is one way to give them back their dignity. Two sewing centers, Bukavu and Kinshasa, have been established.

18)  Woman Leader of Migrant Children, Thailand
Goal:  $1120
These funds provide housing for possibly a shack that can be made into a church, classroom and a room for Mam to live in. Some of the funds provide food for the children and transportation to and from the Myanmar families. Mam has a huge heart for children who are at risk and have no other educational opportunities. She is called to teach migrant children from Myanmar whose parents straddle both countries for work. Sometimes Mam lives with one of the families or sometimes at church. The families are now about an hour and a half motorcycle ride away from her home and she hopes to live closer to the children. Rentals are few and far and even renting a shack is fairly outrageous. Mam is an emerging leader for FM Thailand.

19)  Sewing Center, Togo
Goal:  $2300


A sewing center where women of various ages and stages in their lives come for training to be a tailor. The sewing center provides jobs, training, sustainable income and a witness to the community. In past years, the small business loans being given through the WMI special project funds have assisted women in the Lome FMC Church in growing their businesses and increasing their buying power. Now, the women of this group have a higher vision. Your investment will make this vision a reality.

20)  Leadership Development and Outreach, Jordan
Goal:  $3500
An amazing Jordanian woman of great influence with passion for God and His Kingdom has a women’s ministry, visiting and discipling over 120 refugees. She is winning them to the Lord and has training events for the 'Majority' population, visiting them weekly. Events for children and youth are planned alongside the women’s events. Your investment helps provide teaching materials, refugee supplies of food, clothing, medications and basic home needs. What a great impact your dollars make!

21)  Women’s Empowerment Program, Kenya

Goal:  $3000

These funds will be used to assist at least 28 women’s groups in establishing their projects which foster community. This will enable them to meet the basic needs of their families and support church ministries. Apart from the group projects, the women are involved in businesses like tailoring, selling second-hand clothes, farming and raising poultry.